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The new way to practice law

The Future of Law is Now!

It's 2021 - All law firms are now virtual, all teams are now remote.  
Legal Connection helps you stay connected with your colleagues and clients in the new normal.

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Matters as Conversations

A lot of work can be done through asynchronous communication. In Legal Connection, each matter is set up as secure encrypted group chat.

Add your colleagues, your client and anyone else that needs access to the matter. Cut down on back-and-forth emails and keep everyone informed as work progresses.

Search, Anything, Anywhere

The great thing about running your matters through Legal Connection is that its easy to find what you're looking for when you need it.

Whether its an uploaded file, a matter folder or a message sent in chat, Legal Connection's instant text search will bring you right to what you're looking for, superfast!

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Drag & Drop File Sharing 

Using Legal Connection, you can add hundreds of files and folders to your matter with a simple drag and drop.

Matter information is stored securely in the cloud and accessible only to relevant parties from authenticated devices.

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Scan and Save

Scanners are so last century. Legal Connection allows users to snap photos from their phone and upload directly to the matter chat.

Files are stored in searchable PDF and accessible to all users that are invited to the matter. Its quicker than email and more secure.

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Quick and Transparent Quoting

The billable hour may not be dead but clients want to understands and approve costs and track their spend.

Create and manage quotes, generate invoices and log time all from the matter chat. Your accountants will love you and so will your clients.


Project and Task Management

Running cases, with multiple team members can be operationally challenging.

In Legal Connection, each matter has a list of tasks with due dates. Delegate responsibility and watch out for those dates and deadlines.

Law is a Team Sport

Solving complex legal problems requires a diverse set of skills. Modern legal teams need to be agile, coordinated and multi-disciplinary.

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Activate Your Network

Collaborating with lawyers from your professional network is a great way to broaden your service offering and grow your practice.

Legal Connection allows you to invite lawyers from outside your firm to collaborate on matters.

Wallet-style Trust Accounts

Legal Connection is the world's first legal management platform to integrate directly with Third Party Managed Accounts as permitted by the SRA.

Request deposits, store client money and execute transactions with KYC and multi-factor authentication all from Legal Connection with Shieldpay.

We built Legal Connection for

Solo Practitioners

Being your own boss sounds great but running a solo legal practice is no picnic. Legal Connection allows you to stay connected with your all of your clients and manage your work from any device.

Small Firms

Small firms are an important part of the legal ecosystem, offering many services under one roof. Legal Connection is your go-to platform to keeping your team connected and your clients happy.

Legal Marketplaces

Virtual firms and marketplace sites help customers connect with lawyers providing great value to both sides. Legal Connection is the best tool to run a find-a-lawyer style business at scale.


Running the legal function within a large company is a balancing act. There's no better tool than Legal Connection to manage cases, track referrals and keep stakeholders updated, at scale.

Law Schools

Practical legal experience has never been more important to those entering the profession. Using Legal Connection, students can practice their skills in a remote supervised environment.


The lawyer of the future is a collaborator, an innovator and a creator. Use Legal Connection as the blank canvas on which you deploy the next generation of legal services. You can do it.

Practice Management

Monitoring & Reporting

A great law firm also needs to be a great business. And running a successful business means optimising for profits. Very often lawyers are so busy working in the business we forget to work on the business. Legal Connection helps to understand what's happening in your business so you can make informed decisions.


Great software doesn't need to break the bank. Contact us and let us know which plan makes sense for you and your practice.


R1,200/ Month

  • Great for a solo-practice
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Storage
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R1,500/ Month

  • For law firms and in-house
  • Unlimited Matters
  • Unlimited Storage
  • * Pricing is per user
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