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Contact us and let us know your legal issue or question. Within an hour, a lawyer will call you back. Whether you have been sent a legal letter or just need some advice, we have someone ready to chat.

R250 for 15 minutes expert legal advice.

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Legal Connection operates 08:00 to 23:00
7 days a week. We attempt to call you back within an hour.

What is Legal Connection?

We connect customers with lawyers !

Finding you the best lawyer

All lawyers are trained in dealing with every aspect of the law. But some lawyers are really fantastic at handling certain cases. We have a network of great lawyers that are experts in every aspect of the law.

So you tell us what you need and we'll put you in touch with the lawyer that can best assist you.

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Interface Online

From the start of your interaction with your lawyer, everything is handled online. Get quotes and accept them before any work is done.

Flexible Pricing

The first legal consultation is always R250. After that, your lawyer can offer you further legal services. You are 100% in control.

Form a relationship

We introduce you to a great lawyer to help you with a specific legal issue. If you enjoy dealing with the lawyer, you're welcome to contact them any time.

Refer the case

If your lawyer thinks your case would be better handled by another firm, they will offer to refer you, free of charge.

Free coffee is great! But getting your legal question answered over the phone is even better...

If you've ever made contact with a lawyer, you'll know how it usually works. You call and set up an appointment. A few days later you meet at their offices and chat to someone who takes some notes relating to your case. The first consult is sometimes free but after that you're on the clock. A few months down the line you generally receive your first invoice and that's where the fun stops. Most people are scared to even call a lawyer because they don't believe they can afford it.

Why is Legal Connection a great choice for you?

No need to search for a law firm that specializes in what you need.

No need to travel just to see a lawyer.

A small payment for a short first consult means everybody wins.

Your quotes, invoices and statements are all online. You are in complete control of your bill.

All your documents are in the cloud. Every file uploaded to Legal Connection is available, sorted by matter, and visible to only you and your lawyer.

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Want to speak to a lawyer on any legal topic?

Let's get started.

Legal Consultation

R 250

15 minute call

  • Includes the following:
  • Review your request
  • Match you with a lawyer
  • Arrange documents
  • Schedule a call time
  • Lawyer calls you
  • 15 minute conversation
  • Written follow-up from lawyer

*Everything discussed / shared between you and your lawyer is 100% confidential in accordance with attorney / client privilege.

Think your firm has what it takes to be part of Legal Connection?

We are currently open to applications from law firms. We are looking for specialists in every field of law. If you have years of experience dealing with a particular legal issue, we want you on the panel. If you have an awesome, flexible, and reusable legal service, let's make it work for you.

The only requirement is that you are willing to speak to any South African for 15 minutes on the legal topic of their choice for the price of R250.

Send us a list of the lawyers at your firm along with their key practice area and years of experience so that we can assess whether you're a fit for Legal Connection. We're looking for top firms that are open to the best applications LegalTech has to offer.

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